Did You Know You Can Paint Tile?

Neither did I!  Until I searched, and searched, and read reviews, and debated some more…until finally one day, I took the plunge!  Ugly outdated tile no more!

Here is how I did it:

  1. Day 1: Take a deep breath.  Ha!
  2. Sand the tile down,  you don’t need to use heavy grit, but I did use an electric sander to make the job quicker.
  3. Use a tac cloth to wipe down the tile and get all the residue off.
  4. Scrub the the tile like a mad woman!  I used dish soap, water, and a scrub brush.  The tile needs to be completely clean in order for the primer to stick.
  5. Dry the tile. Make sure no moisture remains.
  6. Tape any areas that you do not want painted with blue painter’s tape.
  7. Prime.  Using STIX primer, the absolute best primer you can buy (I swear) paint along the outside edges of the area to be painted and also paint the grout.  Allow to dry 2-3 hours.
  8. Roll.  Again using STIX, roll the entire area.  Again, wait 2-3 hours to dry.
  9. Apply a second coat of primer, I did not “cut in” the second time, just rolled it.  Allow to dry overnight.
  10. Day 2: Color application!  Using Benjamin Moore’s Floor and Patiopaint (I used Revere Pewter), paint the outside edges and the grout.  Allow to dry up to 4 hours.
  11. Roll the entire area.  Allow to dry 4 hours.
  12. Day 3: Final coat!  Roll the entire area and allow to dry for 4 hours.  We did not walk on the area for a week!

Here is the final product!  I can’t believe how it completely transformed the foyer!  I added this Tuscan Scandinavia Rug in black from RUGS USA and finally hung this Hexagon Cluster print by Yao Cheng that I bought at Minted.  Now every time I walk into the foyer I smile:).

I didn’t stop there!  After a few months of knowing  the foyer would hold up, I tackled the powder room.  Again, what a difference!  Now…on to the kitchen…yikes!  Stay posted!

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