Who Wants to Make Today Awesome with Yoga?

I have had the pleasure of being asked by a high school friend to be a guest presenter at KidCon in Chicago.  I can’t even begin to tell you how excited and humbled I am by this opportunity.  Teaching kids yoga is just so much FUN!  It gives me the chance to share the practice I love with the cutest little nuggets around, plus I am able to watch them discover their own journey and practice. 

Yoga is a life skill.  It teaches acceptance, grace, and forgiveness.  It helps one learn to fail and get right back up and try again!  Grit and resilience, so invaluable in today’s world.  Yoga also helps calm the body and the mind, priceless abilities.  It is so AWESOME that we are teaching these skills to our young ones.  Equipped with this knowledge and expertise, they will be able to take on anything…and I am pretty sure they will be the ones to CHANGE THE WORLD!

Here is the lesson plan for the MAKE TODAY AWESOME YOGA session!  Feel free to print and practice at home!  Also, here is a link to the book The Wishing Star by Marneta Viegas.  I use this book ALL THE TIME, it is wonderful!  I am also closing the session with the Loving Kindness Mediation (audio linked here) or you can download the PDF under the Loving Kindness post! 

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