Find Your Fire

What gets you going?  What could you do all long and forget to eat or go to the bathroom!  Ha!  These are are passions, these are the things that keep our fires burning deep within, these are the things that you love so much you can’t imagine NOT doing them!  

Some of my passions are yoga (no duh), DIY projects, planning and throwing parties where everyone I care about and love gathers in my house and LAUGHS, and self-discovery.  I love reflecting and learning about myself, my behavior, the behavior of others, why we do what we do…it’s fascinating!

That is the beautiful thing about passion.  It is a compliment to YOU.  It doesn’t have to define you or your career.  Passion is that supplement to your everyday life.  It’s that thing that keeps you going when other things in your life may seem dull or routine.  You can ignite that passion, so it fills your soul…when this happens the other things in your life seem less daunting, less mundane, and more full of YOU!  I like to think of my passions as my “side hustles”.  The things that make me “ME”…outside of the regular, everyday boring me:).