You’ve ARRIVED! Are You Ready?

Welcome to Make Today Awesome!  Make Today Awesome is dedicated to helping you live life with optimal wellness. Through healthy recipes, fitness videos and tips, great music, simple fashion, mindfulness, motivation and self-improvement, let’s make your life well-rounded and fulfilling.  At Make Today Awesome we strive to live everyday with grit, grace, and gratitude.  How do you plan to Make Today Awesome?

 My name is Ali Gildemeister, the founder and creator of Make Today Awesome and Lion’s Share Apparel.  I am a wife, a lucky mother of two incredible little nuggets, Ryan and Kate, a hot power vinyasa yoga instructor, born under the Leo zodiac sign, worshiper of the sun and warm weather, amateur interior decorator, and I have a slight obsession with sweet potatoes (they could be the world’s most perfect food…I swear). 

I started my career as a health and physical education teacher.  What I loved most about teaching, was not only the relationships I created and experienced, but helping educate students on the concept of wellness.  Wellness is all encompassing.  Physical health is just one small piece of the puzzle.  I created Make Today Awesome and Lion’s Share to educate and share my vision of wellness.  The physical, mental, social, emotional, and intellectual components.  They must all work together to provide us with the balance we need to live our absolute best lives and become the best we can be!

I am forever grateful for my family and friends that have supported me in my journey, not only in creating Make Today Awesome and Lion’s Share, but in life.  I have learned from you, loved with you, cried with you, and laughed with you.  You are my life force.

In good health and always good humor,