Run a Company with No Rules?

A friend shared this TED talk with me a while back.   I found it so inspiring and motivational.  What a way to run a company, what a way to run a school,  truly innovative.  Let’s all do our best to take some of Ricardo Semler’s advice.  Let’s all share as we go.  Ask three why’s in a row.  Figure out the “what for?” and remember, we are all in this together.  

“And that brings us back to this graph and this distribution of our life. I accumulated a lot of money when I think about it. When you think and you say, now is the time to give back — well, if you’re giving back, you took too much. I keep thinking of Warren Buffet waking up one day and finding out he has 30 billion dollars more than he thought he had.  And he looks and he says, what am I going to do with this? And he says, I’ll give it to someone who really needs this. I’ll give it to Bill Gates. And my guy, who’s my financial advisor in New York, he says, look, you’re a silly guy because you would have 4.1 times more money today if you had made money with money instead of sharing as you go. But I like sharing as you go better.”- Ricardo Semler

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